The ‘Other’ veil

Don’t want to wear a veil on your big day; there are several alternative options to wearing the traditional veil. Our favorites are barrettes, hair combs, headbands and birdcage veils. They are all short and sweet and ideal for the bride that doesn’t want something as cumbersome and lengthy as a traditional veil. Some brides compleain of feeling claustrophobic under a traditional veil. Well, the time has come to break out of the norm and try different types of headpieces. You can sport a classic, elegant piece or one that is funky and unique.

First, things first, you want to determine your hair style with your stlyist. You can even show her a picture or the actual headpiece so that she can create a style that would best accentuate it, the skies the limit. Head pieces come in a variety of colors, fabrics, materials used and sizes. You can add a little sparkle to your head with a rhinestone headband or for a fun, flirty look add a feathered piece.

Whatever you choose, just remember to have fun with it and if you can’t seem to choose a one particular piece, wear two or three throughout your day. You can adorn the birdcage for your pre-wedding photos, a veil for your ceremony and a cute pin or comb for the recetion so that you can party in style.

Happy shopping!!!

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