The Prince Cut

Please allow us to introduce a new diamond shape – The Prince Cut.

The PrinceCut is a modified emerald shape diamond. There are a total of 111 facets in the PrinceCut: 41 are on the crown and 70 are on the pavilion. Avi Paz Fancy Ltd. is the sole manufacturer of the PrinceCut. A conventional emerald has only 46 facets.
With 111 facets, the PrinceCut is designed to capture and play with light thus creating optimum levels of fire and brilliance.

The PrinceCut diamonds look beautiful when set as solitaires and provide exceptional sparkle in three-stone rings. If you are looking for a beautiful rectangular diamond shape as an alternative to the classic emerald cut or the radiant cut, you should consider the mesmerizing PrinceCut diamond shape.

What do you think?

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