Se marier á Paris!!

Se marier á Paris!!  (get married in Paris)

A really good friend of mine is getting married this year in beautiful Paris, the city of Light. So I figured what better way to give her some ideas for her Parisian affair, as well as share some ideas with those of you who aren’t necessarily going to log any frequent flier miles, but would love to infuse a little French flair into your big day.

If you have a theme in mind you never want to go overboard, which of course as themes go, is one of the easiest things to do. You don’t necessarily have to pull every aspect of your theme into every element of your wedding. Simple touches here and there that make the most impact are desirable.

Let’s start with the one element that will set the tone for your wedding, your invitations. You can do something as simple as lining your outer invitation envelope with a beautiful Parisian inspired paper or you can go all out and such as in this beautifully French inspired invitation suite designed by Ceci Johnson of CeCiNewyork. Very simple, yet elegant while making a statement.

Paris lined envelope
Pariasian inspired invitation suite by Ceci New York

Going with a soft color palette of blues, creams and pinks is an option. You may also go with something a bit bolder like a Damask pattern, Toile or Fleur-de-lis are all French inspired designs and optimal choices for stationary and an element to carry throughout the theme of your day.

Another way to incorporate Paris is through your menu. Serve French wines as well as a Croquembouche. This towering confection is the traditional wedding cake of France. The name Croquembouche, which means “crunch in the mouth,” refers to the hard caramel that coats delicate puffs of pate a choux filled with vanilla cream which are stacked into a cone shape then drizzled with caramel. Sounds tasty, don’t you think?


Attire is a very important element for your wedding that you can certainly infuse some Parisian influence. These wedding gowns by French design house, Cymbeline, would be perfect for any Parisian ceremony. Be sure to show off your Parisian style by hitting a few landmarks for some pre-reception wedding photo opportunities. Can’t you imagine sitting home and reminiscing over all of the beautiful cityscapes that are the background to your day?

Dresses by Cymbeline

Need something to wear for your Parisian courthouse ceremony? This cute short frock is very European and chic.

Short dress

Fashionable photo frames in 17th-Century Italian baroque style can be used as escort card/favors or as table name holders. You can name your tables after your favorite landmarks in Paris or cities in France.

Favors and accessories are another wonderful way to tie it all together. Gift tags with pictures of Parisian landmarks or Eiffel Tower place card holders add a little Parisian flair here and there.


So whether you intend on flying to France for your nuptials or staying right here at home, you can always infuse some Parisian influence into your day. Trying not to go over board will prevent your event from looking theme-y. Pick a few items that will make high impact bold statements such as your invitations, attire or décor and really go to town but most of all keep it elegant and sophisticated.

Félicitations to my friends Bond and Aaron on their upcoming Parisian Affair!!


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