What’s in a name? Everything!!! Take our company’s name, Something Blue Weddings. Why you ask? Because every bride needs “Something Blue” just like I believe most brides need a wedding planner but we won’t get into that right now. Let’s talk about my favorite color – BLUE!! Yes, every shade from cobalt to turquoise to electric, I can honestly say that I am blue with envy. Traditionally and amongst several different cultures, blue symbolizes love, modesty, purity, and fidelity.

All brides can incorporate a little something blue into their wedding day attire. My favorite take on this is to rock out a pair of ultra fabulous blue shoes to play peek-a-boo from under your gown. There are so many different types to choose from; pumps, flats, sandals, slippers to different types of material such as patent leather, satin, glitter and the use of feathers. Below are a few examples.

I very recently came across these gorgeous and reasonably priced blue Feelgood shoe from Nine West. I love the shade of blue, peep toe, scalloped edge and the matte texture of the suede that is sure to go with any wedding dress and add a little extra umph.


There are many other ways to incorporate “something blue” into your day such as carrying a blue handkerchief, wearing a blue garter belt, even wearing blue bridal jewelry such as sapphire earrings or maybe your something blue is having your wedding on the beach overlooking a gorgeous body of blue ocean water. Whatever you’re inspiration, wearing “something blue” is a nice take on the tradition. Remember ladies as the English put it:

Something old, something new
something borrowed, something blue
and a silver sixpence in your shoe.



What do you think?

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