Sentimental Value

Sweet Sentiments can be infused into your ceremony, reception and wedding photos for just about any wedding or committment ceremony. Whether it is something that you do, give or showcase be sure to give your wedding that sentimental touch, something that you will look back on and it will just make you smile. There are several ways to highlight how special your family and friends are to you and in ways that will create a lasting memories.

I love the Fingerprint tree!! It’s a great way to involve all of your guests into such a cute keepsake. Also a great guest book alternative, your guests ink their finger and press it to the canvas. If names aren’t pre-printed they can write in their names by their finger print. It’s like a great family tree. This Finger print tree is courtesy of “Style Unveiled” and even includes a customizable template which can be found here at
Finger print tree

The ceremony is a special time when you can showcase pictures of loved ones you have lost. Set up a table with pictures of those lost in nice frames and a few candles. Set it near the guest book so that everyone can see it as they come into your ceremony space. Your bridal bouquet is another aspect that you can add a sentimental touch with a bouquet locket to honor a family member that is no longer with you to keep them close to you at all times during your ceremony. There are memory vases as well where a special message is etched into the glass and you can place at the pulpit or near the unity candle.

Memory table, memory locket and memory vase

Another lovely idea that I have come across is writing a cute note to your bridesmaids on the bottom of their shoes or have your bridesmaid write messages to you on the bottom of your bridal shoes. It’s a great unexpected twist on a thank you note. One Greek wedding tradition is to sign the names of all the single bridesmaids on the bottom of the bridal shoe and the last to rub off is the next to get married. Now how cute is that??

I coordinated a wedding were the toasts were renamed “Words of encouragement” and offered not only the traditional folks (best man, maid of honor, parents) the opportunity to say something about the bride and groom but all of the guests as well. It was so touching and special to hear the love & admiration that everyone had for the couple (young and old). There were sweet stories and funny stories but all special moments of the day.

A small yet beautiful outdoor wedding that I coordinated last year included a prayer circle. After the ceremony, the guest circled the couple while holding hands and the bride’s mother lead us in prayer. It was a very special moment that I will always remember.

Prayer Circle around couple (photo credits - Jax Photography)

Adding a sentimental aspect to your wedding day events are sure to add a special touch to the day. Go with your heart and incorporate something meaningful, just for fun or a cultural tradition. You can’t go wrong because it speaks to who you are as a couple and how you feel about your family and friends. Untill next time…

Happy Planning!!

Memory table – (source)
Memory locket & vase – (source)
Bridal & Bridesmaid shoes  – (source)
Greek tradition shoe – (source)


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