Hanging with your girls


What can be more fun than hanging with your best girls on your big day?! Sipping on champagne, chatting it up, giggling about how the day will go and of course the time-honored tradition of being helped into your dress and shoes. So while the photographer may be snapping away during these moments, don’t forget to get a few stylized shots of your troupe before getting dressed.

Some great examples are you and your crew posing in your robs or a shot with you all on the bed or with your hands or feet together. I love a group that’s dressed alike in clothing that designates who they are in the wedding; bridesmaids and flower girl t-shirts, track suits and tank tops.

Happy Planning!!

Picture source – Pinterest



What’s in a name? Everything!!! Take our company’s name, Something Blue Weddings. Why you ask? Because every bride needs “Something Blue” just like I believe most brides need a wedding planner but we won’t get into that right now. Let’s talk about my favorite color – BLUE!! Yes, every shade from cobalt to turquoise to electric, I can honestly say that I am blue with envy. Traditionally and amongst several different cultures, blue symbolizes love, modesty, purity, and fidelity.

All brides can incorporate a little something blue into their wedding day attire. My favorite take on this is to rock out a pair of ultra fabulous blue shoes to play peek-a-boo from under your gown. There are so many different types to choose from; pumps, flats, sandals, slippers to different types of material such as patent leather, satin, glitter and the use of feathers. Below are a few examples.

I very recently came across these gorgeous and reasonably priced blue Feelgood shoe from Nine West. I love the shade of blue, peep toe, scalloped edge and the matte texture of the suede that is sure to go with any wedding dress and add a little extra umph.


There are many other ways to incorporate “something blue” into your day such as carrying a blue handkerchief, wearing a blue garter belt, even wearing blue bridal jewelry such as sapphire earrings or maybe your something blue is having your wedding on the beach overlooking a gorgeous body of blue ocean water. Whatever you’re inspiration, wearing “something blue” is a nice take on the tradition. Remember ladies as the English put it:

Something old, something new
something borrowed, something blue
and a silver sixpence in your shoe.


The effortless Bridesmaid

One (1) dress – over 15 different ways to wear it – is the best way to describe this fabulous bridesmaids dress by TwoBirds!! The dress comes in several colors and styles including their new Rosette Collection.

If your searching for a bridesmaid dress that is as versatile and diverse as your party then I believe this dress is certainly an option. Whether you want everyone in the same dress and different colors or same color different dress, short or long – you can certainly accomplish that with this dress. AND the fabric is very forgiving. Check them out http://www.twobirdsbridesmaid.com/main.html.