Father’s Day love

In honor of Father’s Day, we thought we would share some of our favorite father/daughter moments with some of our former clients. That bond for a woman, is extremely special and is all the more prevalent on her wedding day. It begins the moment a father lays eyes on his little girl as she prepare’s herself to become a part of someone else’s family to walking her down the aisle to her awaiting spouse. My favorite part of the entire experience is watching their fist dance which usually involves several hugs, tears and sometimes a lot of laughs.

With love, we would like to wish all Fathers a very happy and special Father’s Day.

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Planning your wedding with Pinterest

Pinterest Wedding Stats from Splendid Insights

Pinterest is now the most popular online tool used to plan weddings and is currently more popular than Twitter, Facebook and Wedding Forums. Which of course it would be because how do you top pictures?? You can’t!! You can’t outdo a visual and that is what Pinterest is. Shoot, I spend most of my time on Pinterest pinning wedding and event inspiration for current and perspective clients. It’s a wonderful tool and if you ever check out my boards, you’ll see that I have boards for weddings attire, wedding photography, wedding ideas and inspiration, even a board for weddings in Washington DC. If a bride or groom needs motivation to plan or a little eye candy, they will definitely find it on my board.

Check out our boards!! – Something Blue on Pinterest

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Source: Splendid Insights Global Wedding Market Study  Design: Kelly Ashworth

Announcing your engagement with style!

The Proposal

You’ve just gotten engaged – CONGRATULATIONS!! Now what? Well how about having a party, your engagement party that is. What better way to celebrate the occasion as well as announce your bridal party and introduce both families. Your engagement party should take place within three (3) months of your proposal. It can be as formal or casual as you prefer. The typical party  will include a game or two, food, fun and friends. It’s also a good idea to acknowledge your wedding party with a token of your gratitude but it’s certainly not mandatory.

I’ve always preferred a really nice cocktail party or a nice sit down dinner party where you can decorate appropriately with a nice tablescape that will echo the theme of your wedding. Traditionally, engagement parties are hosted by the bride’s parents but there is nothing to say that in this day and age to hinder the groom’s parents from joining in on the fun or the couple from hosting the party themselves.

Engagement parties are typically intimate affairs. I like the feel of a grown up event, with few to no games at all, just festivities, it’s not a bridal shower or bachelorette party mind you. Typically parties are held in someone’s home but restaurants or hotel event spaces have been used as well. Whatever you choose to do for your engagement party be sure to remember it’s about you, your fiancé and announcing your intent to marry to those you hold most dear.

Some helpful hints are to be sure to budget for the event. An engagement party is like any other important event. Several aspects come into play such as possible space rental, food & beverage, invitations, game prizes, cake, decorations and gifts for your honor attendants. But we’ll touch on the various aspects of the engagement party in Part 2 of “Announcing your engagement with style“.

Happy Planning!

The Proposal – source
Engagement Party – source

Groom’s cakes…whose cake?…his cake!!

There is nothing like a Groom’s cake to lighten the spirit of your guy on his wedding day. Remember the Armadillo cake in “Steel Magnolias”?

You get the point. The Groom’s cake, a southern tradition is typically chocolate or liquor based and is a fun and unique way for all significant others to present something special to the man in their lives. Who wouldn’t love a groom’s cake that showcases the personality of the groom? Whether it is a golf bag with clubs or a fish and tackle box as a nod to his favorite pastime or a tote bag with his work out gear or my personal favorite, a cake that represents his favorite sports team.

Favorite things groom's cakes

Favorite Pastime groom's cakes

Many grooms elect to have their cake depict their careers such as a fire truck for fireman, a badge for a policeman or a computer for a programmer.

Career grooms cake

Groom’s cakes can also be fun and showcase his favorite movie or cartoon character. Another fun idea is to have the cake represent something that he always wanted like that expensive sports car he has several magazines of or a stack of money. Throw them all together like in the groom’s cake for NBA baller Tyrus Thomas of the Charlotte Bobcats. His cake had all of his favorite things. Either way, the cake should express the personality of the groom and his style, his favorite things and it’s sure to be a big hit.

Grooms Cake

Groom's Cake for NBA baller Tyrus Thomas

Cake credits:
Charm City Cakes – Pac-Man, Fish and tackle box, Running shoe and Fire truck
Charmed Treats – Stacks of money
Just Cakes – Box of cigars and Luggage
Creative Cakes – Boxing gloves