Groom’s cakes…whose cake?…his cake!!

There is nothing like a Groom’s cake to lighten the spirit of your guy on his wedding day. Remember the Armadillo cake in “Steel Magnolias”?

You get the point. The Groom’s cake, a southern tradition is typically chocolate or liquor based and is a fun and unique way for all significant others to present something special to the man in their lives. Who wouldn’t love a groom’s cake that showcases the personality of the groom? Whether it is a golf bag with clubs or a fish and tackle box as a nod to his favorite pastime or a tote bag with his work out gear or my personal favorite, a cake that represents his favorite sports team.

Favorite things groom's cakes

Favorite Pastime groom's cakes

Many grooms elect to have their cake depict their careers such as a fire truck for fireman, a badge for a policeman or a computer for a programmer.

Career grooms cake

Groom’s cakes can also be fun and showcase his favorite movie or cartoon character. Another fun idea is to have the cake represent something that he always wanted like that expensive sports car he has several magazines of or a stack of money. Throw them all together like in the groom’s cake for NBA baller Tyrus Thomas of the Charlotte Bobcats. His cake had all of his favorite things. Either way, the cake should express the personality of the groom and his style, his favorite things and it’s sure to be a big hit.

Grooms Cake

Groom's Cake for NBA baller Tyrus Thomas

Cake credits:
Charm City Cakes – Pac-Man, Fish and tackle box, Running shoe and Fire truck
Charmed Treats – Stacks of money
Just Cakes – Box of cigars and Luggage
Creative Cakes – Boxing gloves